Consultative Board of Education and PTG



James Lew
Vice-ChairmanTanya Chamberlain
RecorderPolly Panos
MembersJeff Cleland
Ed Hogan
Tony Rajakumar
Christine Wichrowski Goudey

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PARENT TEACHER GROUP (PTG) Executive Committee


Julie Clement / Liz Stapleton Zerella

TreasurerChristine Wichrowski Goudey

Darlene Gannon

MemberElizabeth Neil
Michele Lew
Faculty RepresentativeKathy Coelho
PrincipalSusie Foster

The Nativity Parent-Teacher Group PTG seeks to bring together the parents and faculty to enhance the total Catholic Education of our children. This organization fosters the spirit of cooperation, provides a channel of communication and acts as a vehicle for exchange of ideas and experiences as well as supporting school fundraisers. Various committees are formulated within the PTG to meet the needs of the school. All parents are members of the PTG. Parents are invited to serve on committees.